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By filling out the form with your details, you will join the Poco Loco fidelity plan, allowing you to accumulate points for fantastic rewards and promotions.


For every 10 euros spent, you earn 1 point on your virtual VIP card. Upon activating your Poco Loco Vip Card, 5 bonus points will be credited as a welcome.

The Poco Loco Vip Card is exclusively for Poco Loco club customers in Alghero.

To reward customer loyalty with exclusive prizes and promotions.

About the Poco Loco Vip Card:
A virtual card that accumulates points with each dining experience at Poco Loco. Registration is free with a valid name and email. Incomplete form submission will result in non-registration. Any data changes should be communicated to the issuer.

Using the Card:
Declare card ownership before payment to benefit from the points, which are sent periodically to the registered email.

Validity and Revocation:
The card has no expiration but may be revoked for misuse or regulatory breaches, canceling any accumulated benefits.

Point Management:
Points offer discounts or equivalent benefits at Poco Loco in Alghero.

Activation Benefits:
5 welcome points are credited upon activation. 1 point is added for every 10 euros spent.

Initiative Duration and Prize Collection:
Points expire on 12/31/2022. Different thresholds entitle the holder to discounts or branded merchandise. Prizes must be collected by 12/31/2023.

Prizes are not claimable on the first visit, and only one prize can be requested per bill. Remaining points can be used in subsequent visits. Activation implies acceptance of these regulations, available on the website and at the issuer's office.

This summary captures the essence of the Poco Loco Card Fidelity Program's regulation, ensuring clarity on participation, point accumulation, and rewards.

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