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For over 26 years, at Poco Loco in Alghero, we have been passionately dedicated to preparing meter-long pizza, continuing a tradition deeply rooted in the heart of our establishment.

Our story began back in 1998, when we first opened our doors, bringing innovation to the local culinary scene. Since then, we have won over the palates of our customers with our unique and delicious pizza.

The meter-long pizza at Poco Loco is much more than just a dish: for us, it embodies a love for tradition and the quality of fresh, genuine ingredients.

We strive to prepare each meter of pizza with care and dedication. We use only the finest ingredients, from mozzarella to 100% local Sardinian tomato sauce, to ensure an authentic and irresistible taste with every bite.


The long-leavened dough with semi-wholemeal flour guarantees high digestibility.

Come discover the magic of meter-long pizza at Poco Loco and let yourself be captivated by our culinary story.


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